March 19, 1985

Espanol / Italiano


70. The studies of philosophy and related sciences, which – in any way be ordered disciplines during the formative years (cf. n. 60) – should correspond to a full two years, as they aim to improve the human formation of youth, stimulating their sense of critical and procuring a deeper knowledge of ancient and modern culture of which the human family has been enriched over the course of the centuries. These studies are conducted in order to help the student to penetrate more deeply and to live their faith, and, at the same time, to prepare for theological studies, to arrange to properly exercise the apostolic ministry, so that a dialogue can be established with the men of our time in the most appropriate way..

73.They also teach the related sciences, which are the natural sciences and mathematics in reference to the problems associated with the philosophy, taking into account, however, of proper proportions, so providing a useful complement to the main disciplines and to preclude an encyclopedic and superficial erudition.

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